Nihc Ronoel



Mysterious Obsession

Nihc Ronoel

Aris Sandoval was such a good-for-nothing type of a Casanova, but behind his charming looks that were effortlessly used to leave trails of broken-hearted women wherever he went, lies an obsessed heart longing for an extraordinary woman from his past. Will he still continue his mysterious obsession,... more info

Story about: mermaids, obsession, destiny

Ongoing: 21 Nov 18 pages
129 16 4

Rating: 8

#52 in Fantasy
#36 in Romantic fantasy
#40 in Mystery


Sabotaging My Walkout Queen

Nihc Ronoel

David believed that he already found the love of his life at a very young age, but the girl broke their relationship and walked away without even telling him the reason why. A second chance knocked as three years later, they met again, and David was really determined to continue what they left be... more info

Story about: sabotage, chances, twist

Ongoing: 04 Dec 44 pages
161 16 7

Rating: 9

#39 in Contemporary fiction
#26 in ChickLit
#462 in Romance
#21 in Inspiration romance

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