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Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad



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My Blood Thirst Saviour

Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad

Haider Ali Shah, founder of the most feared gang in underworld, "Hunting Scorpians" was actually a handsome billionaire for the world outside.He was the unsolved mystery, who came from an unknown world to rule over middle class rascals. He had nothing to loose and so nobody could find his weakness w... more info

Story about: thrill and revenge, romance action, murder and mystery

On Hold: 20 Sep 60 pages
1566 108

Rating: 30

#4918 in Romance
#696 in Romantic suspense
#558 in Thrillers & Suspense
#94 in Action thriller


Mingled Fates of an Entangled Past

Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad

Arsh Hamdaani, a young hotheaded, handsome, intelligent, hardworking and impatient protector of his clan. Carrying an aura of dominance and power, his intimidating personality has casted a spell of horror on his enemies. While making sure to remove the existence of every single person who hurt his f... more info

Story about: romance action mystery, suspense thriller, revenge of the past

On Hold: 14 Sep 35 pages
606 37

Rating: 15

#5169 in Romance
#910 in Contemporary Romance
#586 in Mystery
#177 in Romantic mystery


Heir Of Mafia World

Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad

A game of life, a game of revenge, and a game of love, a game of mysteries, a game filled with thrill and fear. A game of attacking innocents, playing with their bloods and gambling their breaths. A game of winning, where who lost is GONE. A game of Loss, where who win is LOST. A gam... more info

Story about: about revenge, about mystery, about hatelove

On Hold: 07 Oct 311 pages
15631 317

Rating: 83

#7692 in Romance
#1073 in Romantic suspense
#819 in Thrillers & Suspense
#134 in Action thriller

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