Perfect Strangers: A billionaire Romance


She raises herself to her toe, to come face to face with me, and brushes her lips with mine. The touch of her was illicit and arousing. and the next moment she separated her lips from mine. I can feel the pain in my hard body. I want her in all ways I can.  Our faces were still some inches away,... more info

Story about: contemporary romance, billionare romance, love triangle troubled past

Ongoing: 25 Dec 57 pages
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Rating: 10

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On Hold


Give you hell !


Reina is a normal teenager who's sister just died. while everyone else believes that it's a sucide. She discovered that there is something very dark about her sudden death. So she decide to take admission in same school where her sister was, By going undercover as some normal student. So she ca... more info

Story about: thriller criminal, revenge and drama, teenage drama

On Hold: 02 Dec 14 pages
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Rating: 2

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