Ritika Gupta



The Last Breath

Ritika Gupta

"I hate you." She said not looking into his eyes. He pulled her closer making her gasp. He leaned close to her making her close her eyes. He smirked and said "Look in my eyes and say that." She took a deep breath and looked at his mesmerizing blue eyes and said "I hate you." And he kissed her at t... more info

Story about: forbiddenlove

Ongoing: 18 Sep 10 pages
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Rating: 9

#25 in Fantasy
#12 in Romantic fantasy
#280 in Romance


Shattered Pieces

Ritika Gupta

"Leave me." I said trying to remove my hand from his grip. But instead of leaving he hold it tighter and pulled me towards him. "Why was that guy touching u?!" He shouted. I shout back "Atleast his hold is better than urs." And the next moment I felt a pain on my cheek. He slapped me. He made m... more info

Story about: forcedmarriage, forcedlove

Ongoing: 18 Sep 93 pages
14072 366

Rating: 60

#7 in Mystery
#5 in Romantic mystery
#143 in Romance

On Hold


In Love With The Bad Boy

Ritika Gupta

Katherine Gomez- 17 years old, aim is to study and work hard to earn money and pay the fees of her and her sister's school and for living. Her life is not easy. She is a shy, beautiful girl and is very intelligent. She doesn't believes in love after what happened between her parents. Ethan Williams... more info

Story about: love college romance

On Hold: 30 Nov 0 pages
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Rating: 50

#564 in Young adult
#270 in School
#5358 in Romance
#465 in New Adult & College

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