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The devil's box


This is a story about paimon, hell's second most powerfull king and god of mischief. How he got into our dimension and found a host. As he wanted to shift his host from disha to sumon, 'cause it will make him more powerful. So will he succeeded to achieve his goal ar sumon will able to stop... more info

Story about: mystery supernatural, horrar, romance

Ongoing: 21 Nov 5 pages
108 12 0

Rating: 1

#143 in Mystery
#74 in Supernaturals
#29 in Horror
#19 in Paranormal


Love out of spite


Raj, he is a billionaire who is very mysterious about his personality. And don't care about any one in the world but his loved ones. Fall in love with his crazy, daydreamer, open minded assistant, shruti.Then through out many interesting incidents they got together. But then for some past issues of... more info

Story about: crazy love story of a billionaire, romace heartbreak, marriage happy ending

Ongoing: 18 Jan 159 pages
15981 319 34

Rating: 25

#246 in Romance
#167 in Billionaires
#9 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in Urban life


One sided love story


A girl fall in love with a boy. Who became her one of closest friends. Then she fall in love with him. But then she face a very big heartbreak. How? Why? To know read this sad one sided love story.... more info

Story about: love at first sight, became friends, separation with a big heartbreak

Complete 7 pages
436 26 0

Rating: 2

#40 in Contemporary fiction
#8 in Urban life
#65 in Fantasy
#39 in Romantic fantasy


Love you stranger!!!


A daydreamer girl fall in love with a stranger but then she found it's her boss. He is freesoul billionaire who don't thing about what others thought about him and always welcoming for the love in his life. Then through many incidents they got together but for some past issues they got a break up. B... more info

Story about: mystery, romance break up, love between two strangers

On Hold: 10 Nov 12 pages
291 6 0

Rating: 6

#102 in Contemporary fiction
#30 in Urban life
#1812 in Romance
#937 in Billionaires

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