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S. Srivastava


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Hello to all my lovely readers. I hope you enjoy reading my books and give your love and support to them. You can follow my profile to get the updates about the posts and new books. Love you all!



The Exiled Dragon

S. Srivastava

Serenity- a human girl, met with an unfortunate accident in her childhood that not only instilled the fear of fire in her heart but also the belief, that whoever she loves eventually dies, and thus is fearful of falling in love. Masou- the prince of fire dragons, is unable to return to his own ki... more info

Story about: romantic fantasy, possessive and caring male lead, dragon in love with human

Complete 151 pages
37645 517

Rating: 161

#6219 in Romance
#2178 in Fantasy
#878 in Romantic fantasy

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