Crippled At Heart !!


It is story of Aisha Fatim and her life. Few incidents in life happens in such a way that made her crippled not physically but at heart. Will Aisha be able to conquer her fears and will she give herself a chance? Join Aisha in her life struggles and see her overcome it....... more info

Story about: inspirational romance, brokenheart

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Maya is a young college going girl,pursuing her career in engineering feild, she is an absolute nerd for which she is being bullied. She is frustrated from her batchmates. Suddenly, a phone call changes her life and she falls for a stranger. She tries finding him,but couldn't succeed in it yet. W... more info

Story about: suspense, romance and mystery

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It's about Aayush Subramanium, an average Indian man who is stuck in unusual wedlock. Soon the wedlock turns into his true love and as we all know that happiness does not stay forever, his so-called lush life turns into a mess when he is encountered with his ex-girlfriend. Soon his wedding reaches d... more info

Story about: romance and hindi language with translation in eng, romance suspense heartbreak

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