Tango Charlie


He was holding the glass in one hand and his other hand busy tapping the counter. I was observing his fingers dancing on the counter. He somehow felt similar to someone… someone known. I ignored the sensations driving me wild. He broke the silence by saying," here with someone? Miss" I denied wit... more info

Story about: romance, tango, love reunites

Complete 13 pages
94 37

Rating: 3

#39 in Fantasy
#17 in Romantic fantasy
#358 in Romance


In Disguise


The story is of Zaina Ahmed, a woman in mid twenties.who is a victim of betrayal. Zaina finds her refuge in her best friend, Huzaifa Malik. She ends up falling again but the diary hidden in Huzaifa's travel bag shows the description of the woman of his life... Zaina still grabs the courage and st... more info

Story about: mystery and romance, suspense., romance

Ongoing: 21 Jun 41 pages
1549 107

Rating: 11

#394 in Mystery
#350 in Thrillers & Suspense
#121 in Suspense


Crippled At Heart !!


It is story of Bashak Fatim and her life. Few incidents in life happens in such a way that made her crippled not physically but at heart. Will Bashak be able to conquer her fears and will she give herself a chance? Join Bashak in her life struggles and see her overcome it....... more info

Story about: brokenheart, inspirational romance, romance drama

Ongoing: 26 May 9 pages
363 22

Rating: 2

#4923 in Romance
#663 in Romantic suspense
#504 in Mystery
#147 in Romantic mystery




It's about Aayush Subramanium, an average Indian man who is stuck in unusual wedlock. Soon the wedlock turns into his true love and as we all know that happiness does not stay forever, his so-called lush life turns into a mess when he is encountered with his ex-girlfriend. Soon his wedding reaches d... more info

Story about: romance and hindi language with translation in eng, romance suspense heartbreak

Complete 41 pages
9680 91

Rating: 12

#5918 in Romance
#815 in Romantic suspense
#407 in Contemporary fiction
#119 in Urban life

On Hold


The night I met Ayla Quinn!


it is a story of a girl named Ayla. Ayla was a simple college nerd until one night when she finds herself trapped on stage. she is forced to become Ayla Quinn! Her life jumps into a vortex of weird experiences and triangles. Will people be able to find her? who is true Ayla the Nerd or Ayla Quinn... more info

Story about: nerd transformation, into a pop icon

On Hold: 22 May 12 pages
267 16

Rating: 3

#1015 in Romance
#81 in New Adult & College
#89 in Thrillers & Suspense
#37 in Suspense

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