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The Alpha King Samael

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The phantoms, just a normal regular family in Tenac town. What happens when you realize you are one of the "stranger things" opposing every logic reasoning you've ever known?What happens when someone messes with your family and any one else close to you?What happens when you realize you were destine... more info

Story about: vampires and werewolves, witches and werewolves, werewolf king

Complete 148 pages
8885 102

Rating: 9

#146 in Fantasy
#932 in Romance
#64 in Paranormal Romance

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The Fire Lord

sam reigns

Michael Marcus , the step son of a rich CEO gets abducted into an academy for the gifted amidst mass blood tests going on in the country. Full of doubts and questions, Michael unwillingly decides to join the academy being the only choice he has. He becomes a notorious troublemaker in Greywood Nevill... more info

Story about: academy, high school, vampires

On Hold: 07 Dec 25 pages
151 5

Rating: 2

#643 in Fantasy
#284 in Romantic fantasy


The Reincarnation Of The Brutal Demon Lord

sam reigns

A large metropolitan city packed with people from all walks of life. The wealthy and prevalent families, the ancient and hidden families devoted to secrecy, the crime syndicates and the organized crime families of the underworld, Mafia bosses of mobsters, the poor and impoverished families and the s... more info

Story about: reincarnation

On Hold: 13 Nov 11 pages
91 8

Rating: 3

#685 in Fantasy
#40 in Urban fantasy
#248 in Young adult
#89 in School

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