Shelly Roy




For His Sake

Shelly Roy

Aditi had made a life for herself, trying to forget her dark past and all the ensuing heartbreak. She had been helped in making a new life, by Navin, who loved her despite her tainted past. What happens when Shrey Anand, a billionaire, and ruthless businessman comes back one day to disrupt her life ... more info

Story about: betrayal secrets heartbreak, romance, romance and billionaire

Complete 64 pages
1906 137

Rating: 23

#693 in Romance
#343 in Billionaires
#171 in Contemporary Romance


The Gift Of the Deep

Shelly Roy

Roma finds billionaire businessman Ashwin on the beach, injured from a near-fatal attack. She saves his life, but what she did not bargain for, was to fall for his charms and find herself embroiled in hunting down his assailant. With her own life in danger, how far can she depend on Ashwin? Will, he... more info

Story about: suspense, romance betrayal secrets, romance and billionaire

Ongoing: 15 Jul 56 pages
438 66

Rating: 11

#1519 in Romance
#675 in Billionaires


To Lose A Love

Shelly Roy

Aditii had once had a crush on Raghav, her father's right-hand man, but she had been disillusioned badly and now hated him. A will forces her to marry Raghav to claim her inheritance, though she loves another man. Living in close proximity to him, she finds herself drawn to him again, but then the d... more info

Story about: ambition, romance, forcedmarriage

Complete 87 pages
4254 162

Rating: 28

#517 in Romance
#128 in Contemporary Romance
#33 in Contemporary fiction
#18 in ChickLit


The Enemy's Daughter

Shelly Roy

A political treaty forces Princess Priyadarshini to marry Prince Harshavardhan, her father's sworn enemy. Once in Jaigarh, she faces danger from palace intrigues and unknown forces, till she is abducted. Can she trust her husband, the Prince, to save her, when he had not wanted the enemy's daughter ... more info

Story about: abduction, royal, hatetolove

Complete 138 pages
9876 253

Rating: 34

#532 in Romance
#7 in Historical Romance


Bound By Fate

Shelly Roy

Alex, the alpha of the Moon Warriors pack has to marry Emily, the daughter of a neighboring alpha to avoid war. He has always been mate-less or so he believes, until he meets Grace, a human, who is a captive in the Crescent Moon pack. With his heart telling him that at last he has found his mate, wo... more info

Story about: romantic fantasy, werewolf and human romance

Complete 164 pages
11347 259

Rating: 45

#632 in Romance
#30 in Paranormal Romance
#86 in Fantasy
#45 in Romantic fantasy


The Beloved Beast

Shelly Roy

Neil is strong and handsome, the epitome of masculinity. He is also a dangerous Alpha werewolf carrying an ancient curse on his head. It turns him into a bloodthirsty beast. Tanya is a loner who comes from a broken home. Abused by her father, she prefers to stay away from the college crowd. When she... more info

Story about: romance between a girl and a werewolf

Complete 126 pages
33367 628

Rating: 76

#510 in Romance
#17 in Paranormal Romance
#66 in Fantasy
#34 in Romantic fantasy

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