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Challenge or Comfort?


It is a love story but a very complicated kind of Love. Childhood best friends got engaged but they met a new kind of love that is out of their comfort zones. Will they choose to follow and respect what they invested for a long time or sacrifice each other for the sake of a different kind of Love th... more info

Story about: childhood love, challenge

Ongoing: 10 May 5 pages
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Rating: 0

#1715 in Romance
#68 in LGBT
#407 in Fantasy
#193 in Romantic fantasy


Destiny Three Times


Ms. Reddy Painter is an innocent yet career-oriented girl who is used to living alone. One day while walking towards her office she found a mysterious wallet not just one but two. See how these wallets will change her life. Will she find her Destiny because of the wallets or will it just be trouble?... more info

Story about: destiny, billionaire love, mystery guy

Complete 41 pages
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Rating: 34

#3662 in Romance
#1236 in Billionaires


My Angel's sacrifice


Tyler a quiet guy from a small town found a friend in the presence of Harry, Tyler is a reserved, shy, intelligent guy, and scared with a lot of things while Harry is Mr. Popular, the adventurous one. Two different individuals with one common destiny and that is to protect each other. How can they c... more info

Story about: angels, friendship, love and sacrifice

Complete 27 pages
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Rating: 25

#438 in Mystery
#240 in Supernaturals

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