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Hello! I'm Somvanshiya. An Indian Author and a Reader. I'm a high school graduate and a pious writer on Wattpad, Booknet, and Inkitt platforms. Passionate to pursue a mission of creating a museum of works devoted to Anthology and Publishing books of all kinds.



Midnight Lovers


If something so dearest to your heart is lost with the hope of never having it again! Miracles happen! And always finds a way to get to you in one way or another! “Guess you didn't forget your Yash! Who you promised yourself to be his and only his, decades ago!” Hearing the name, a gasp lea... more info

Story about: love life, ourlovestory, midnightlovers

Complete 25 pages
982 115

Rating: 62

#54 in Contemporary fiction
#24 in Short stories


The Two Skeletons


Hello, Somvanshiya here, brings you a perfect Synopsis for the Spooky Season! “Two skeletons in a graveyard, they aren’t just perfect though, but their bond is real, and it gets even better from there because this Skeleton One refuses to go anywhere without his five-foot-tall Skeleton Two. Am... more info

Story about: horror story, humor, halloween

Complete 10 pages
207 21

Rating: 23

#38 in Horror
#188 in Short stories

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