White Noise (shadows and Sins #2)


Like a tender floret in a hailstorm, he surrounds himself with the darkness of the sins he committed. Ruthless, merciless and cold- kill or be killed. The Greek Mafia afentikó, they call him the 'Dark Angel'. A man as enigmatic as the silver of the night, lurking in the shadow, basking in the... more info

Story about: mafias war, dark romance love erotica, mafia king

Ongoing: 23 Jan 7 pages
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Rating: 32

#264 in Romance
#22 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2 in Action thriller


The Slave


They say "Love conquers all." .... Does it? ______________________________________ They were like oil and water. She was a princess. And he was her slave. It was taboo for them to mingle. But you know the saying..... Forbidden fruit always tastes better. Would they let th... more info

Story about: royalty, erotic, childhood lovers

Ongoing: 04 Dec 1 pages
228 54 6

Rating: 18

#1004 in Romance
#147 in Fantasy
#75 in Romantic fantasy

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