The Fallen Angel



You Got This

The Fallen Angel

We all go through tough times. Some are harder than others. But God never gives us something we can't handle. We just gotta have a lot of faith and strength to believe that it's all worth by the end. Some people do not understand what we go through while others do. Some people expect us to be the pe... more info

Story about: inspiration, encouragement, hope

Ongoing: 02 Apr 6 pages
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My High School Crush

The Fallen Angel

Jessica Williams is your typical Senior nerd except that she has two great best friends - Sophia and Emily. She has great dreams and big imaginations. But being held up with all the studying, she does not really have much of an interesting life outside her books and her room. With her BFFs beside he... more info

Story about: first love, family, childhood bestfriend

Ongoing: 07 Apr 13 pages
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Rating: 16

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