The Scarlett

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Gladio : The Survival Game

The Scarlett

It's year 2725. Evan Anderson is in his last year of graduation. He is smart, decisive & has cheerful personality. Together with his 6 friends, he liked to play games, that gives very real gaming experience. One day, new game released in market. Only after 2 months, 32% peoples on earth brough... more info

Story about: futuristic world, trapped inside a game, action scifi

Ongoing: 04 May 2 pages
12 2

Rating: 4

#3 in Science fiction
#2 in LitRPG
#235 in Fantasy
#7 in Action fantasy


My Love

The Scarlett

**DAILY UPDATES** When Nora came into his life, Ryan got another chance to live. When they met again, he had a girlfriend & they became friends. Is there any chance that despite this they will develop feelings for each other? If yes, how can they accept their love & get together when he was already... more info

Story about: action thriller, billionaire finding true love, strong female lead and capable male lead

Ongoing: 13 May 68 pages
1520 124

Rating: 30

#430 in Romance
#101 in Contemporary Romance
#35 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3 in Action thriller

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