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Broken Rules

Victory Storm

Easton could not believe it. Did his father really think he could host his new girlfriend's daughter without any consequences? And to make matters worse, did dear Alice really think she could dance into his life without following him and his rules? When Alice had accepted that new life alongside her... more info

Story about: bad boy, college love, hate to love

Ongoing: 20 Apr 75 pages
831 36 12

Rating: 10

#321 in Romance
#26 in New Adult & College
#14 in Young adult
#5 in School


In Love with a Star

Victory Storm

Leny was just sixteen when she was left alone after the departure of her beloved cousin Emily and her best friend Chris in search for luck in the movies world. Seven years have passed since then and Leny’s live is now a downfall to the abyss after she lost her job and she left her boyfriend, while... more info

Story about: celebrity and ordinary girl, celebrity comedy, second chance

Complete 114 pages
3747 221 28

Rating: 19

#420 in Romance
#88 in Contemporary Romance


A Star in my Life

Victory Storm

What’s gonna happen when you’ve just run the risk of breaking Marc Hailen’s nose, the actor known to have just insured his body for ten million dollars? Berenice didn’t think she has ever felt the need to answer a question like that, but the adverse fate, together with the hostile quadratur... more info

Story about: accidental love, celebrity and ordinary girl

Complete 116 pages
5498 221 53

Rating: 35

#21 in Contemporary fiction
#18 in ChickLit
#444 in Romance


You Are Mine

Victory Storm

Ginevra Rinaldi never knew what freedom was. Living in a golden cage, smothering and full of rules dictated by her father, she is used to obeying and suffering her family punishments for any of her rebellious acts. Lorenzo Orlando has abdicated his place as heir to the Orlando family heritage in or... more info

Story about: love, love and hate, mafia love

Complete 115 pages
23956 598 78

Rating: 119

#184 in Romance
#26 in Romantic suspense

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