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Pure Love

Well-known me

"LEAVE ME, MISTER.OTHERWISE, I CALL THE POLICE."Akhila exclaims. I don't know what that woman talking about. I was deep in her eyes. "HELP ME...PLEASE HELP ME" Some people around us and they are shouting like crazy. They ask me to say sorry. Avinash's ego hurt innerly. He was in hurry for the mee... more info

Story about: boss and assistant, love romance

Ongoing: 23 Nov 30 pages
1480 91

Rating: 18

#968 in Romance
#27 in Inspiration romance


Save Me From Myself

Well-known me

Good and bad are two faces of a coin. Where there is love there is pain. Where there is evil there is God. Rosie is a kind-hearted person. She always wants to save people. John is bad in professional. Killing people is his hobby. Will their two different hearts becomes one. ... more info

Story about: mistery, forcedmarriage, billionaire love

Complete 55 pages
8665 147

Rating: 97

#81 in Thrillers & Suspense
#14 in Crime fiction
#74 in Mystery

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