Behind You


He is selfish and only think about himself. He doesn't care if it'll trouble the people around him. Jawad return from his journey when he gets the news of him getting married or he loses his position of being the heir to his father's company. Farah a beautiful and kindhearted woman, with a nice and... more info

Story about: marriage, love, family

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Rating: 177

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His Loyal Servant


"We can't do this Ethan". I jerked away, my back hitting the wall. "And why can't we?" He asked watching me with his intimidating eyes. "Because I'm...." The words caught up in my throat when he took slow steps towards me. "Don't you dare say that word" he muttered colliding his lips with ... more info

Story about: romance, family and friends, lovestory

Complete 67 pages
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Rating: 252

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On Hold


Hearts Entwined


Zara and Amir are cousins and have been best of friends since their childhood days. They're now grown up to adults. You can't see Zara without Amir, they're always together. Every one knows their unbreakable bond. On the other hand, Amir sees her as more than just friends, he liked her for as long ... more info

Story about: relationship, romance, family

On Hold: 28 Sep 44 pages
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Rating: 8

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