Exiled: What is she?

Information about the story

The story takes place in the eastern community, which is made up of five packs:


• Ruling pack of werewolves. It has a large number of alpha and omega members, and a balanced hierarchy with respect to other packs.

• The Royal Pack sees omegas as something of value that must be cared for and protected. Everyone within the pack can practice whatever profession they want, there is no restriction.

• The only rule they must comply with is that everything that happens in the pack stays in the pack, otherwise it will be punished with exile.

• It has one of the most guarded and protected borders of all. After the misfortune that they lived years ago, they decided to be more reserved. No one enters or leaves without the permission of the Alpha King. This led to the creation of an exclusive school for the pack and those who went to university had to sign a blood pact reaffirming their loyalty.

• The royal bloodline is the only one that generation after generation presents powers, which led them to be envied by the other packs. This gift also led them to earn a curse.


• It is the pack that follows the ideology and behavior of the Royal Pack the most. But with the difference that it influences its members in the areas of technology and the business industry.


• It is one of the packs that most adheres to the traditional stereotypes of the hierarchy. Although they care for and respect omegas, they must be dedicated to domestic tasks and professions considered low impact.

• They specialize in the area of ​​food, livestock, and agriculture.


• It is known as one of the cruelest and ruthless packs. They are warriors and hunters.

• They have knowledge of all kinds of weapons and strictly follow the traditional hierarchy. They only see omegas as those who only give birth to their children. Omegas are despised and trained from an early age to dedicate themselves to caring for the home and raising children.


•It was the most unhinged and ruthless pack. They were believed to use devious and psychological methods to train their members for future war.

•The pack mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. All members are presumed to have been killed in an attack.


Relationship with vampires and witches

* Although werewolves have a peace agreement with vampires, their relationship is hostile and unstable. They prefer to keep their distance and have as little contact as possible.

*The relationship with the witches was different. Each pack had a witch or a small coven that helped them in some situations in exchange for protection and asylum. But this changes when they began to see rebellions in the packs and strange happenings within the royal family. Which led the Alpha King to banish all witches and wizards from the packs and forbid contact with them. Even, in a moment of spite and despair, the king murdered the witch who was in his pack.

Today, any werewolf who has interaction with witches will be sentenced to death.

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