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On Hold


Living Underwater

Flora Luxar

This is a story about an adventurous girl named Leela who goes into the sea of Dwarka to find her father's dead body and to complete the mission that she gets from the professional archaeologists, who almost killed Leela by dashing their submarine with her. Read the book to find out about the adv... more info

Story about: family and love, adventures, treasure

On Hold: 13 Jul 31 pages
3203 19

Rating: 2

#131 in Action & Adventures
#708 in Thrillers & Suspense


The Golden School Of Magic

Flora Luxar

In our lives even a small incident can inspire us to do many impossible things. The main thing which you need to complete the impossible tasks is faith. It is said that faith can even move mountains. Magic is losing its importance in the current world and those who like to learn magic infact who... more info

Story about: wizards, the golden school of magic, romance urban chicklit fiction

On Hold: 05 Feb 15 pages
1628 22

Rating: 3

#2012 in Fantasy
#166 in Action fantasy


The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

Flora Luxar

Meet Rella Newman a 20 year old girl. She's a lonely fellow with no one to take care of her. Her fake family bullies her everyday. What happens when she manages to offend the country's richest man Ashton Bryson? https://litnet.com/en/book/the-badboy-billionaire-stole-my-heart-b157202 Read t... more info

Story about: badboy, billionaire, ashton

On Hold: 15 Jul 47 pages
20965 583

Rating: 59

#6346 in Romance
#2350 in Billionaires

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