I Have My Ways


She is a crazy lady with a broad mindset that needs to be hacked before a full phase of her is completely revealed. Though she might be open and loving to a certain extent, her appearance shows less. Not that she looks evil, but because of how personal and confident she is around her friends.... more info

Story about: love is selfless giving and reveiving, drama and love, women power

Ongoing: 28 Nov 70 pages
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Rating: 3

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What Truly Is


“No Justice, no peace!! No Justice, no peace!! No Justice, no peace!!” people yelling for freedom worldwide… “Liberate!! Liberate!! Liberate!!” are the voices of others crying for the same freedom “Come down!! Come down!! Come down!!” are the voices of those hosting for authorities i... more info

Story about: the reality, truth, answer

Complete 6 pages
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Rating: 1

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