Heena Kundra



The Lovers

Heena Kundra

Piya is a naive, spear and bold girl but only in the outside world, and in home she doesn't even raises her eyes at anyone. After the parents pass away, when she stays at her maternal aunt's house, she does not get the love that her parents used to give. Only her friend understood him in such a wo... more info

Story about: lovers, truelove, societal truth

Ongoing: 04 Mar 43 pages
729 74 25

Rating: 10

#376 in Romance
#78 in Contemporary Romance
#36 in Thrillers & Suspense
#6 in Crime fiction


His Deadly Touch

Heena Kundra

Luna, a naive girl who loses her parents and lives with her aunt, meets a very different boy one day. He was completely different from the rest and amazing. After making love to him at first sight, she comes to know that her sister also loves him and that the one who they both love is a vampire. A... more info

Story about: vampire, witch, vampire and human romance

Complete 114 pages
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Rating: 25

#257 in Romance
#12 in Paranormal Romance
#29 in Fantasy
#18 in Romantic fantasy

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