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The Warlock, the Demons, the Dungeon and I

Istoria Xander

One human girl. One warlock boy. One locked room. One night which will end in either rediscovered love or the end of the world. Once upon a time a young warlock fell in love with a human girl. Then she forgot all about it. Or maybe she didn't. Maybe he's lying. Either way, Ruth is stuck in the... more info

Story about: demons and witches, psychological thriller romance, male witch in love with a human

Ongoing: 06 Apr 20 pages
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How Not to Be a Billionaire's Boyfriend

Istoria Xander

Wildly successful children's author Alan Weather has just made his first billion. This would be good news, except he's not sure he's cut out to be a billionaire. He's also not sure he's cut out to be a dad but, since he's been left in charge of his orphaned niece, he's giving it a go. What he thinks... more info

Story about: parenthood, lgbt love, billionaires

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Rating: 19

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