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The Angel In Me

Jules Lamptey

Thaliana is a young lady whose birth has been known to have brought tragedy since her mum died during labor. Her dad was believed to have died during a riot five months before her birth and has to endure the tag of a cursed child while she lived in an orphanage. She escaped from the orphanage at the... more info

Story about: billionaire romance and betrayals, lovehate relationship with billionaire, heartbreak forgiveness romance

Ongoing: 26 Feb 84 pages
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Rating: 30

#175 in Romance
#21 in Romantic suspense
#8 in Young adult


Beast In Beautiful Suit

Jules Lamptey

"For the beast, you are so shall you be, the pain you cost you shall receive ten folds. Sorrow and pain shall be your food day and night.....this is my curse to you!" Nikolai Bartel, Cold and inhumane billionaire who values his money more than human to the extent that he was placed under a curse.... more info

Story about: curse, werewolf alpha and mate, alphanicolai

Ongoing: 20 Feb 38 pages
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Rating: 90

#431 in Romance
#56 in Fantasy
#27 in Romantic fantasy



Jules Lamptey

Liana who never met her parents have been living in mystery until she met business mogul Pharrell on his business trip to Spain. He made her fall in love with him making her believe that he will take her to USA and make her life better. He left at the end of his three months trip without saying a wo... more info

Story about: love, love betrayal, naive girl

Ongoing: 18 Feb 53 pages
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Rating: 66

#409 in Romance
#238 in Billionaires

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