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National Emergency: Manhunt

Junior Batley

1995: Jacob Miller is recruited into an underground insurgent organization named Falcon. 2009: A man and his wife are killed in a truck accident. They leave behind two twins-Blake and Samantha Hunter. 2020: A series of terrorist attacks in America brings Blake’s attention, other than the fact t... more info

Story about: revenge, revolution, secrets revealed

Ongoing: 08 May 15 pages
329 24 6

Rating: 3

#56 in Thrillers & Suspense
#7 in Action thriller
#12 in Action & Adventures
#5 in Military



National Emergency : Manhunt [sample]

Junior Batley

September, 2019. A devastating attack on the president's motorcade leaves him dead and the vice president captured. CIA director Katherine Houston starts an investigation immediately. At the same time a 15 year old girl disappears after a school bus accident. Two days later the girl is found in a ... more info

Story about: action, suspense, family drama

Sample 37 pages
86839 47 40

Rating: 25

#179 in Thrillers & Suspense
#34 in Action thriller
#83 in Suspense

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