You suffocate me


"Oh! come on Princess how can you forget our relationship I love you princess I own you its not like we never had sex" said Yuvaraj while trying to embrace his girlfriend. Sukha was starring at yuvi throwing daggers "yes we had sex because i let you have me and now I'm throwing you away get lost". "... more info

Story about: an orphan girl, spoiled brat boy, an obsessed lover

Ongoing: 28 Jun 34 pages
1693 110

Rating: 12

#635 in Romance
#84 in Romantic suspense
#34 in Young adult
#8 in School


My tormentor is my love


In double storey building a gun shot is heard reverberating the whole house. A woman ran upstairs towards the direction of sound and found her employer bleeding in blood with a knife beside him is counting his breath in late sixties. She tried to help by holding him under his neck like a child in he... more info

Story about: love at first sight, cute and innocent girl, sinful handsome hunk

Ongoing: 24 Jun 48 pages
2132 84

Rating: 10

#49 in Thrillers & Suspense
#9 in Crime fiction
#714 in Romance
#95 in Romantic suspense


How to hate You


Mafia billionaire harsha neeldown in front of a stripper "Do you know how much I love you but you being ungrateful behave stubborn" he hissing in anger and anxiety "don't worry my doll I'll teach you" she shooting glare at him "you told you love me but you always harass me me by keeping me caged" ... more info

Story about: secrets, love at first sight, ambitious girl

Ongoing: 29 May 29 pages
1866 81

Rating: 15

#1721 in Romance
#359 in Contemporary Romance
#704 in Billionaires

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