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To All The Broken Hearts

Marian Meciar

(BxB) About a Julian who is broken and a boy named Quinton who noticed enough to care. After Julian's family face a crisis, they choose to relocate in hopes of a fresh start. His only goal is to lay low and graduate the year avoiding trouble. It wouldn't be so hard if the notorious school rebel,... more info

Story about: highschool, bullying, trauma

Ongoing: 30 Mar 14 pages
139 9 2

Rating: 4

#2114 in Romance
#97 in LGBT
#200 in Young adult

On Hold


The Day I Met Striker

Marian Meciar

'What do you really want from me?' I whisper. He lifts his head from the crook of my neck, his eyes a stormy puddle of confusion. 'What I've always wanted, Verona." He pauses, then adds slowly, 'You.' 'But Striker-' I lock eyes with him. "I'm already yours." #### Verona Bridon only has... more info

Story about: family, rivalry, enemytolovers

On Hold: 30 Dec 29 pages
268 20 2

Rating: 4

#241 in Young adult
#110 in School


Her Sweet Warrior

Marian Meciar

I am Tsu-Ming Zu, And I have lived my life wrongly. I have loved the wrong person. And for that, I have been betrayed while also betraying the one I shouldn't have. Upon my dying breath, only one thought remained. If I have a chance to go back... I would love him with all my heart. The god... more info

Story about: redemption, love and past, paralleluniverse

On Hold: 11 Jan 11 pages
92 7 0

Rating: 2

#927 in Fantasy
#456 in Romantic fantasy

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