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My Prince

Mishal zia

Kylie Allen : A beautiful 17 year old high school student. She having crush over school's most hottest guy, who even does not knows she exists. Her parents are having divorce and her older brother Jason is a playboy, the second most hot boy in the school, Duke Somerzex John Howard : A... more info

Story about: first love, prince, magical boy

Complete 84 pages
1889 55

Rating: 14

#701 in Romance
#13 in Historical Romance



Mishal zia

Life has never been easy for Anna Martin Perez, she had to live her life with many consequences as she was daughter of infamous elemental witch. ***** Anna is 16 years old which, she had lose her parents a... more info

Story about: vampire and witch, vampire and human, werewolf and witch

Complete 226 pages
1719 55

Rating: 11

#1255 in Romance
#100 in Paranormal Romance
#248 in Fantasy

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