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Hi readers keep smile and more reading in all life unforgettable memories realized everyday... Thank you readers..❤️



Sweet Momeries

muthulakshmi G

In the world one sweetest memory. It is unexpected coming, or your thought will be fulfilled. My name is Meera. I am studying college. In my life, someone made unforgettable memories. In my college life I unexpected meet friends. They are making wonderful memory. College finish 2 months later Meera... more info

Story about: love

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Rating: 4

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Love story

muthulakshmi G

Love story This is a true love story. The story is about the amazing Jedi (Lucky Cowles) and the cute couple. They have a beautiful fight and beautiful care and help. This is a story hero and heroin name meaning analysis for you ... Hero: Vinoth Kumar Heroin: Latchaga and Lakshmi ... more info

Story about: love, love at first sight, love marriage

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Rating: 11

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Good agriculture

muthulakshmi G

Good agriculture ?? Vinod Kumar, a good farmer. His wife Lakshmi and their agriculture, their love story and marriage story will be mixed. Six months later, Lakshmi approached the doctor immediately after getting pregnant. Then Vinod and his family were all happy. Vinod did more care and favo... more info

Story about: love marriage, farmer

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Rating: 8

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Villan and villi

muthulakshmi G

In world every human being one talent given God.If you out side coming you *love*there are interested and happiness as all human beings. *Never explain your Heart to some one Because the right one Will already know* ... more info

Story about: villan and villi acting, talent, happiness

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Rating: 10

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