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Some ways I have tried to understand this world.

Some ways I have tried to understand this world.


One, I learned to just leave you alone.

Two, there is nothing that make me happy more than football, if you would not exist in this universe.

Tree, Even in the worse time, I have gave myself another chance of seeing tomorrow, I guess I believe this could be better next time.

Four, I closed my eyes to see the beauty in others, deep down all I want in this the be better for all.

Five, I try so hard to look back and to see how far we are, looking for an opportunity to bring light to our generation, even when sometimes, it can look a little bit crazy, thinking like cartoons about changing the world.

Six, is just cause I thought We were smarter than that already, but I guess We still in the process, and I having faith on us.

Seven, I am training my brain so I don't think much about the system, not cause it's ok, but cause I want to work on us.

eitth, must of the time I just give up on thought just so I can keep my head together.

Nine, I dont know what to do must of the times, but I am still trying, that's why I did not name this ten, as know is this world numbers does not  count in term of dealing with this reality.



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