Mafia and the Indian girl


Mafia and the indian girl is a story which includes romance, action, drama etc. Ranveer singh the mafia gets in love with kiara, an indian girl of 24. Being a mafia will he be able to win kiara's heart? Or someone else will take away kiara? Check out.....n don forget to vote, share n tell me how the... more info

Story about: love story with mafia.

Ongoing: 19 Jan 8 pages
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Rating: 16

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Life poetries|| unspoken words


Hello readers, This is my first book on poetries!! hope y'all like it!! Do vote and comment if you think the poems are worth... thankyou lots of love... more info

Story about: poems about love, poems on mental health, poems from the heart.

Ongoing: 13 Jan 2 pages
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Rating: 3

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