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Syanja J




My Blind Assistant

Syanja J

"Take my hand, I am here with you." He says in a deep husky voice catching her out of gaud. "I can't, I can't do it, please go. Save yourself." She yells back as the car's brakes fail. "Dr, Dr. I can't see." While panicking she cries. "I am sorry Sir, she lost her eyes." His body gets numb and drop... more info

Story about: love and fate, love and healing, love and past

Ongoing: 05 Apr 35 pages
721 68

Rating: 15

#1958 in Romance
#434 in Contemporary Romance
#775 in Billionaires


Mr Geun's Second Wife

Syanja J

Geun Jungwon is the most famous successful and well-settled businessman. Geun Eun-Hee is also known as a famous surgeon. After completing their university they got married and continued their careers. They were happy in their little world but one-day Eun-Hee met Seon Soon-Ja who was attempting suic... more info

Story about: destiny, secondmate, cheating husband

Ongoing: 12 May 156 pages
5471 135

Rating: 22

#989 in Romance
#459 in Billionaires
#259 in Contemporary Romance


Billionaire Ceo's Euphoria

Syanja J

Syanja eventually made a choice regarding her life after attempting numerous jobs and different careers. She waited for a chance while writing novels. One day, she received an email from a sizable business located distant from her hometown. She quickly accepted their offer and signed the contract wi... more info

Story about: family and friends, painful past, loveatfirstsight

Ongoing: 12 May 312 pages
7371 114

Rating: 25

#3226 in Romance
#1104 in Billionaires
#150 in Inspiration romance

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