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It Was Her

Tenaya llora

It was him. It was always him by her. It was always he who stood by her. It was he who brought her out. He started it and ended it. Now it's up to her. Will she bring him out? Will she stand by him? Will she be there for him just like how he was there for her? Will ... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, family love, depression and anxiety

Ongoing: 07 Mar 51 pages
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Rating: 26

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It Was Him

Tenaya llora

"Will you do this for us" I nodded my head without thinking twice. "But why?" Kevin asked. His face was filled with remorse. I gave out a weak smile. "Don't ask me why. I will do this for you." "You are sacrificing your life."Kevin said closing his eyes tightly, pushing back his tears. ... more info

Story about: insecurities, depression and human suffering, suspence

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Rating: 28

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