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Zainab Ajike


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Please support my career in every single way you can. God bless you all.



The Ruthless Italian Consigliere

Zainab Ajike

"Really? Tell me you didn't enjoy it. I can't forget the way you were moaning my name. Frans, oh! Oh! Frans, fuck me harder, Frans, harder! Frans, fuck me harder!" He mimicked *Xenia is a British nurse who was transferred to work at one of the biggest private hospital in Celebria, Italy. On the nig... more info

Story about: hate to love, nurse and italian consliegre, irritable romance and chemistry

Ongoing: 12 Mar 14 pages
1733 222

Rating: 40

#824 in Romance
#68 in Thrillers & Suspense
#8 in Crime fiction


Just A Year

Zainab Ajike

"I am going to marry you for a year. And I will be paying you monthly. And also I will pay off your debts." He said calmly. Sophie Maxwell is a kindergarten teacher who has a lot of expenses to catch up with. Her life changed when she took one of her students home since his parent hasn't picked... more info

Story about: second marriage, teacher and billionaire, love romance and contract marriage

Complete 250 pages
28594 1000

Rating: 128

#171 in Romance
#37 in Contemporary Romance
#77 in Billionaires


Hire a Maid

Zainab Ajike

Meet Angelina Moore, a young lady who is determined to bring her parents out of poverty they find themselves in. Meet Daves martins a young billionaire who works night and day to grow and promote his business. what happens when they cross path. Angelina was hired to be his maid by his dad ... more info

Story about: romance, billionare, maid

Complete 121 pages
191669 2352

Rating: 340

#488 in Romance
#242 in Billionaires

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