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Clueless Love

Amal A Usman

This is a book about two people who dislike each other more than anything in the world. They rather be in the North Pole than be in the same room together. The dislike they had for each other was strong. But what happens when they find themselves sharing a roof. Do they tear each other part or learn... more info

Story about: billionaire, bwwn, spiritual

Ongoing: 17 Oct 38 pages
1145 165

Rating: 17

#183 in Romance
#104 in Billionaires


Bullied To Love

Amal A Usman

Katherine Luciano is a beautiful lady, living with her single mom. She did not know her life would take a different turn the day she goes for a job interview. She meets the one person she wishes she never sees again in her life. The one person who made her high school the worst time of her life, Lor... more info

Story about: ceo billionaire, mafia, possessive

Complete 162 pages
58687 1051

Rating: 189

#18 in Romance
#8 in Billionaires


The American

Amal A Usman

This is a story about two people who knew how to express the word hate more than anything else to one another. Ethan hates Adina more than anything in the world and would give anything to see her perish into thin air. While on the other hand Adina could careless about Ethan other than the fact that ... more info

Story about: bwwm, young adult romance, lovehaterelationship

Complete 143 pages
6310 168

Rating: 28

#383 in Romance
#26 in New Adult & College


The Games Of The Heart

Amal A Usman

Andrea Lopez is a beautiful woman with a wonderful life. Any woman would wish to have her life, but you can't be sure her life is great. Andrea has everything but the one thing she desires most, Love. All she has ever received from Love is pain in return. There is no love in her life, but everything... more info

Story about: mafia, romace, rude

Complete 212 pages
27707 448

Rating: 79

#107 in Romance
#59 in Billionaires

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