It's here guys " Love Hate Relationship 2"

Author: Goodness Shadrach / Posted: 04.12.19, 10:57:26

I kept to my word, the book is here now and I really hope you can show me your support by hitting the ⭐ button, adding it to your library and sharing with me your thoughts about the book in the comment box, I will really love to hear from you my dear readers : )



"I can give you what you want but in my condition, people are going to talk and you know how I value my reputation. But let me give you a proposition, the doctor said I will be able to walk again in three months time. Come home with me and stay, and after three months, I will sign the divorce papers."
Hearing that from her supposed husband, Sasha Brown or rather Sasha White had no choice but to agree.

Being married to the handsome billionaire Michael Brown, Sasha for one is very happy for she has been in love with him since highschool. Unfortunately, marriage with him was not as she dreamt it will be and now she wants nothing more but to get out of it.

Please to understand the book, make sure you read the book one. Thanks for following the book, I'm glad you love it that much : )


Happy reading everyone.


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Blessing Wilson 01.12.2020, 02:22:30

Aw can I get book 2

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Goodness Shadrach 01.12.2020, 10:36:41

Blessing Wilson, You will buy it :)

blessing oladunjoye 29.11.2020, 16:50:16

How can get the book2

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Goodness Shadrach 29.11.2020, 19:19:26

blessing oladunjoye, You will buy it :)

Ixmeal Senior Ameyaa 28.11.2020, 21:14:43

Very good and interesting book

Roseline Dara 28.11.2020, 17:02:25

Thanks dearie for making the 2 ready be4 i suffocating of not reading it

Beatriz Francia 23.11.2020, 18:24:32

I love it, really!

Adedeji Olubukola Keke 14.11.2020, 11:21:06

Beautiful book

Fidelia Gift 12.11.2020, 07:55:03

It's a beautiful book

Esah Auwal 11.11.2020, 18:00:08

I love it?

Itz Mhiz Nifemi 09.11.2020, 11:10:01

It's so Interesting,how can I get the remaining story

ifeoma Lucy 08.11.2020, 00:26:36

I enjoyed the story. Please how do I get the rest of the story?
I really want to finish it.

Faith John 02.11.2020, 14:13:31

Awesome but how can i add to my library

Vera Omale 01.11.2020, 07:37:36

How do I get the book 2 please

Pavithra Arjun 28.10.2020, 07:30:17

Nice story

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Yisola Olajide 31.10.2020, 07:32:12

Pavithra Arjun, Pls how did u download the send part please

Yisola Olajide 31.10.2020, 07:29:42

It is continue from where we stop or download the send part?

Benin Ella uganda 29.10.2020, 08:15:37

is there away I can download the book

Esther Ukpong 29.10.2020, 03:15:07

I need book 2

Hawa Abdul Wahabu 28.10.2020, 20:36:58

I want the book 2

Shalini Chandran 28.10.2020, 20:36:37

Enjoyed reading

Mhiz Dorcas 28.10.2020, 02:12:23

I love this book

Beth Osano 27.10.2020, 12:22:01

like it so much

Edem Tonude 25.10.2020, 03:05:45

I love this book is

Nifemi Sobowale 23.10.2020, 22:16:13

@goodnessshadrach I can't find the book

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Nifemi Sobowale 24.10.2020, 16:14:03

Goodness Shadrach, okay...thanks❤️

Nifemi Sobowale 23.10.2020, 22:14:09


Farida Nursanty 21.10.2020, 15:49:35

Ingin baca bab 8

Stephanie Ngufan 19.10.2020, 01:05:49

I can't wait to read this 2

Omolewa Barnabas 17.10.2020, 19:24:04

Love it

Chu Monic 29.09.2020, 16:33:50

Where exactly is the book

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Delight Bassey 16.10.2020, 13:33:26

Goodness Shadrach, Your book is amazing

BRENDA ODEKE 16.10.2020, 07:55:27

Y don't you allow to pay through mpesa coz the payment methods provided not everyone has

Babasola Bukunmi 14.10.2020, 00:02:01

Nice piece

Evah Kabiruri 11.10.2020, 08:08:09

Its awesome

Sylvia Tyler 28.09.2020, 05:49:30


Sandra Madu 26.09.2020, 22:09:03


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Sandra Madu 26.09.2020, 22:09:30

Sandra Madu, Lovely

Rakel Malik 22.05.2020, 12:25:05


Gloria Ololade 19.02.2020, 02:32:08


Mutuwa Winnie 04.12.2019, 14:52:16

When are you posting the next pliz I can't wait to finish this book

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Mutuwa Winnie 04.12.2019, 21:34:49

Goodness, OK pliz am waiting

Pamela Henry 04.12.2019, 11:06:53

This is a wonderful story indeed

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