Delay In Cbtm 2 Updates

Author: Nina Daniel / Posted: 23.11.20, 13:49:39

Hello there, everyone! 

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying Mafia Series quite greatly.

I'm here to tell you guys that I won't be able to updates for a few days (2-3 days), due to relocating. I hope it won't bother you guys much and you all will be able to cooperate with me a little more.

You guys know how much I love my readers, I'm sorry for this trouble. 

Cheers, guys!


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Anshu Rana 27.11.2020, 04:56:42

I can't wait for the next update

Lethy 25.11.2020, 17:25:35

It's ok honey

Lethy 25.11.2020, 17:25:00

It's ok honey

Vinina Trimeta 24.11.2020, 06:58:09

tetap setia menunggu cerita mu Kakak

Sweety Pandit 23.11.2020, 15:20:46

Stay safe...stay healthy :)...and your novel is damm good I love it...

naazmeen shaik 23.11.2020, 15:19:48

It's okay dude stay safe and healthy

Jigme 23.11.2020, 15:14:06

It's ok and stay safee

Gifty Sethi 23.11.2020, 14:22:16

Its okk n plzz update ASAP. God bless u

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Nina Daniel 23.11.2020, 14:27:09

Gifty Sethi, God bless you too, dear!

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