Her Scarred Billionaire- Best Day Yet ♥‿♥

Author: Jocelyn Black / Posted: 11.06.21, 16:30:52

Hello beautiful readers!

Thank you so much! Her Scarred Billionaire has 751 reads today! And 82 for Poison Garden! Just wowwwww! What an amazing thing to wake up to. All I can say is that you guys are the best and I can't wait to bring you more stories :-) I took a picture of these rankings to keep them forever haha. I can't wait to see what the future holds on this platform! Please remember to VOTE, FOLLOW, and COMMENT- it's everything to an author writing for free ♥

Her Scarred Billionaire

All of my love to you guys ♥

Jocelyn Black


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Elva Carrillo
14.06.2021, 02:03:14

That's great, you deserve it and so much more. I'm looking forward to what's to come from you.

Jocelyn Black
13.06.2021, 23:32:58

Elva Carrillo, Thank you! I hit almost 3000 today so my mind is just blown!

Наталия Арчер
11.06.2021, 21:16:11

Superb! Congrats! You earned this ranking and even more. :)

Jocelyn Black
11.06.2021, 18:32:55

Наталия Арчер, Thank you so much, Natalia!

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