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9 days with a demon

Sayba Naznin Riya

Story about:paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, fantasy paranormal romance

Age restriction: 18+

16 303

#345 in Paranormal Romance
#292 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 17 Apr 19 pages

Publication: 29.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "9 days with a demon "

When an angel become cursed and turn into a demon. A demon who has half human body and half animal body. Because of his very sinful act. He was an angel who lived in heaven but he act likes devil. Heavens lord curse him because of his sinful act and trapped him in dark forest. He was bearing his punishment and waiting........

Waiting for her to give him the freedom..
He knows she will came.. But can she knows what will happen to her.

Demons are dangerous but when a angel start acting like one, it is more dangerous then ever.


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