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A Bad Boy's Rogue Luna

Michelle Zeah

Story about:werewolf, badboy, rejecting mate

Age restriction: 18+

5 80

#1 in Western
#15 in Urban fantasy

Ongoing: 07 May 23 pages

Publication: 07.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "A Bad Boy's Rogue Luna "

Description of book "A Bad Boy Rogue Luna "

“What is Lilly?” she asked her wolf. “Mate, Mate is here” her wolf said impatiently.

“What?” she took over her body. She started looking in the crowd. Just then he came back with his usual expressions.

“It’s him, look, it's him,” said Lilly excitedly.

She was about to run towards him, when she heard a mind link “Stay, where you are, if you come any closer I will reject you right here” it was him, he mind linked her harshly.

Lilly felt her bones numb. A word rejection is worse than death to a wolf.

He turned to the crowd “Looks like my mate is not here, as I am unable to meet her today, so we will delay the coronation” he said with stone expressions and turned to leave.

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Anshika Gaur
08.05.2022, 16:42:40


Michelle Zeah
08.05.2022, 18:43:56

Anshika Gaur, You like it? give it one like and support my book

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