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A dying wish


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Publication: 19.02.2020 — 07.03.2020

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There was once a prince who’s greatest wish was to see a Dragon, any kind of Dragon. This was something he kept to himself, or so he thought as his own mother just knew it was something her son longed for and she just wished there was a way to fulfil his wish without him knowing.

Picture was provided by, as my hand needs to rest from doing illations for Secret in the forest.

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Gracie Ella leonard 01.08.2020, 06:38:14

Nice description❤. Please follow me back and like⭐ my new book titled the blessing in disguise or add up in your library for future updates, thanks. I already returned the favour

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Babs 02.08.2020, 10:16:51

Gracie Ella leonard, Thanks so much ^_^ Yeah I will happily follow you and take a look at your book ^_^

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