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A Luscious Friendship

I am creative

Story about:youngadult, sex, childhood friends

Age restriction: 18+

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#755 in Romantic suspense
#124 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy

On Hold: 15 Mar 25 pages

Publication: 13.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "A Luscious Friendship"

The only question remains in the mind of maria.
Who would have known that jaxan who was once his BFF would be the one who would do a dirty work.
That is to fuck her till the end and finally get married to her against her will.
Not hiding the topic that he was the one who killed his love. No one can stop him from having what he wants.
A rich man's son can do that
But what about maria??? Will she be stuck in hell.
Does she know that his friend is satryiasis??
What will maria do after know about her friend’s condition??? Will she accept him this way ????

Read to find out.


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Marie Njoki
16.04.2021, 13:34:25

so far so good

Zunaish Khan
31.01.2021, 09:54:08

Nice story

I am creative
02.02.2021, 10:10:32

Zunaish Khan, thanks......i will be updating soon

Kelly Blickley
01.01.2021, 23:39:15

Its good so far. Kinda confusing when he, she, his, hers etc is said. Seems theyre opposite of whats written.

I am creative
02.01.2021, 10:43:30

Kelly Blickley, Thank you. I really appreciate that you made me aware of my mistakes

I am creative
30.11.2020, 14:41:23

Comment has been deleted

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