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Alpha's undying Love

Katherine Scarlett

Story about:werewolf king, in love with a human

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#485 in Romantic fantasy
#352 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 02 Apr 8 pages

Publication: 28.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Alpha's undying Love "

Alpha Eric is the king of the werewolves in Wellington. What happens after the war between the humans and werewolves ends? what will happen when Eric will meet a huma girl named Lia abandoned and lying on the middle of the dead forest crying of hunger. Will he pity her and take him home with him when there's a rule that any humans sighted will be killed on the spot?.ERic who doesn't give a damm to anyone will he start to feel some feelings for her or is that just a mask he's wearing in front of her? what will happen when all the members in his pack go against her? will he leave her alone left to die or will he protect her with all his might ? let's go on this journey to find out what will happen when all the forces in the world is trying to get in the way of your love?

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Miranda Maureen
22.12.2021, 11:56:52

i love stories about werewolf. this is the best one.

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