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Bittersweet Love


Story about:romance and comedy, romance with billonaire, romance and happy endings

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Description of book "Bittersweet Love"

Clara is a billionaire who's company is worldwide famous. She is kind, caring, generous and warm-hearted. She lives her life calmly and is emotionally very stable. That is until she meets Andrew. Clara would always lose her calm in front of him. The two always end up arguing or fighting.

Andrew is also a billionaire but he has a personality which is completely opposite of Clara's. He is rude, mean and cold-hearted. He is after Clara to marry her to save his own company from the evil clutches of his father. But after an incident he slowly starts to fall for Clara. His cold heart finally starts to melt.

Will the love between the two blossom?

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Navjot Kaur 18.09.2020, 08:57:28

hey I'm here on this app because of your novel

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Moonshines 18.09.2020, 14:08:41

Navjot Kaur, Hi, I'm really glad that you like reading my novel. And it made me very happy that my work was good enough for you to read it here. Lot's of love from me♥️

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