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Blood Moon (book Two of the Moonlight Cycle)


Series: The Moonlight cycle

Story about:wolves, smalltown, youngadult

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#1123 in Young adult
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On Hold: 26 Nov 300 pages

Publication: 17.03.2019 — ...

Description of book "Blood Moon (book Two of the Moonlight Cycle)"

Keegan Maverick knew moving to a different country would be a bit of a culture shock, but he never could've imagined it included murder and ghosts. Life in Stormy Vale proved deadly and the secrets Keegan is uncovering in the small town has rocked him to his core. But some secrets should stay long buried, because there no telling what else you might find when you start to dig up the past.
But the beautiful and forbidden Ivy Ashmore is a bright spot in Keegan's dark world. However, if Keegan and Ivy's lives weren't already complicated enough, new student Annalise Craven arrives in town determined to drive them apart. Will Ivy and Keegan's young love survive amid betrayal, dark secrets, hunters, murder, and bigotry? Will Ivy and Keegan even literally survive to see their Junior year?


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03.10.2021, 15:41:35

still waiting for the updates please unfreeze and continue its really a nice book:-)

07.07.2021, 14:53:18

Dear Anna, I just love your books, the way you write and your stories- they got me hooked! Read Stay and Find while waiting for Emergence to resume and now just finished reading Blood Moon 1 & 2 till where the second one stops. Can you pleeaaaase resume any of them?

Tami Lis
10.02.2021, 14:02:56

When is the next book being posted?

16.06.2020, 15:30:31

Is this book 2?

27.01.2021, 07:28:58

Izzy, Is life getting easier, yet? lol, does it ever? Just checking in to see if any writing is in sight at the end of the tunnel.

elizabeta metzger
11.12.2020, 03:04:41


Oseni Ghiazat
29.10.2020, 18:31:50

Hi Anna, trust you're good. Please I would like to know when you would start updating BloodMoon again. Thank you for your beautiful stories.

Oseni Ghiazat
29.10.2020, 20:28:51

AnnaRCase, Oh! The literary world mourn the hold of such a beautiful story. In their hearts, beat the hope of the return, and patiently they wait whilst their well wishes lie with the author.

Munyaradzi Madzivanyika
30.06.2020, 13:21:14

Thanks dear .i really enjoyed the original one and now I can't wait to get my hands on this book two,

Yashika Reddy
27.06.2020, 14:40:18

plz help me out with next book in tis series what happens next

Yashika Reddy
30.06.2020, 09:31:24

AnnaRCase, it's okay! more love to you Thank you for the amazing books hope to see next one soon,

Sharon Brooke
13.06.2019, 15:54:38

will this one have a continuation?

Azeez Habeebhat
14.06.2020, 16:33:17

please when it's ready , kindly let me know,this is my WhatsApp number +2347058135812

prema pushpanjali
29.05.2020, 21:58:14

When is the rest of the story coming ?! Do they get married ?!

AnnaRCase guru
31.05.2020, 15:35:44

No. The series ends while they are still teenagers, but two more books were planned and lots happens. I just don't have time to write it right now unfortunately.

Kajumba Vanitah
19.05.2020, 11:28:26

please write the continuation to this book, am in love with it., thanks for writing

Kajumba Vanitah
19.05.2020, 22:17:05

AnnaRCase, welcome

AnnaRCase guru
06.05.2019, 00:25:09

Next two chapters of Blood Moon are out. Chapter 28 and chapter 29! If anyone wants to share some theories, I would love to hear them :) Thanks for reading.

AnnaRCase guru
17.05.2019, 23:40:26

Cary James
, I do :) But every story I've ever written throws me suprises along the way.I start with a vague beginning and ending, then just start writing. I never even know myself exactly how I'm going to get there. And trust me, you probably wont see this ending coming :)

Noa Clark
04.05.2019, 16:19:21

when we´ll have the next chapters sweetie?

AnnaRCase guru
04.05.2019, 23:29:46

Noa Clark, I'll try to post an update today or tomorrow. Thanks for reading. Glad you like it :)

Asha Kumar
27.04.2019, 15:18:12

need to finish book 1to start this one

AnnaRCase guru
27.04.2019, 17:28:30

Asha Kumar, Yes I highly recommend that or you will be a bit confused:)

AnnaRCase guru
25.04.2019, 23:31:50

CHAPTER 24 is out now and brand new content! Thanks.

AnnaRCase guru
27.04.2019, 07:09:09

Kessily Brunet, You're welcome! I'm about to post the trailer and will mostly likely post new chapters this weekend:) Thanks for reading and commenting!

24.04.2019, 14:00:49

the continuation is so great!!

AnnaRCase guru
24.04.2019, 17:08:12

Krystal, I'm glad you like it. I unfortunately had to work today and I work 12 hours shifts. So it will most likely be later in the week before I get the rest of the revised chps out and the first new chapter :)

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