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Ongoing: 23 Oct 138 pages

Publication: 04.07.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Blue Road"

Richard didn't heed his guardian's warnings about the mysterious and shady place from the flyer he came across. He wanted a big break and a chance to make quick and easy money, but never expected to find himself tricked and caught in a twisted experiment conjured up by scientists. Transformed into a monstrous blue, blob-like creature, Richard flees the scene in a panic. He teams up with a ghostly child named Fawn, who wants revenge on her parents' killer, and leaves town to find the one responsible for their (recently) destroyed lives.

Federal Agents, corrupt corporate heads, shady scientists, and even the police are all on his trail. Richard will need to use his newly honed skills to uncover the truth of who's really behind the scenes, and who to trust. What will they uncover?


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Olivia Gordon Reid
07.07.2021, 02:40:48

Hey, Celeste!
It’s so great to see new stories from you! I just read the first chapter and it looks interesting so far, I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ve saved it to my library, and I can’t wait for updates. Hope you’re doing well and I hope to see more of you soon!

Olivia Gordon Reid
09.07.2021, 03:17:47

Celeste I., Of course, it's my pleasure! It's so good to hear that you're doing well and that you're excited to get back to writing! I'm doing quite good myself, I just started a new job for the summer and it's going well so far. I'll try to get some chapters of my own stories out sometime, and I'll keep an eye out for updates! Happy writing!

04.07.2021, 06:49:17

Woww ..nice story .. I'm eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Celeste I.
08.07.2021, 07:30:58

Bhairabi, Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! The next episode (at the time I post this comment anyway) will be coming out later this week, hope ya look forward to it c:

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