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Book. "Bride of the Ice Dragon" read online

Bride of the Ice Dragon

Catherine Vostroff

Story about:adventure, forbidden love, fairytale

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#270 in Fantasy
#123 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 221 pages

Publication: 25.09.2020 — 25.12.2020

Description of book "Bride of the Ice Dragon"

To save her mother and little brother Alexa has to sacrifice her body and soul to the Lord of the North. He is said to be a monster, his name is not to be pronounced. Although, everything he wants from the girl – is an heir, for the monster’s heart is made of ice. But what if one day someone tries to bring the fire back?
New story
Translation: Pavla Yankovska


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Chris Evan
07.11.2020, 21:33:23

so far i love this book❤️

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 07:03:10

Chris Evan, Thanks :3

Nancy Chioma
06.11.2020, 09:06:19

Thanks for this wonderful book, can't wait to finish reading the whole story.

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 07:02:37

Nancy Chioma, Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it!
Keep up on updates, a lot of interesting things are about to happen :3

Indian Otaku Tube
05.11.2020, 20:36:18

dear author, thank you for this story. I love your story telling style.. but could you please update fast.. it's too difficult to wait for this..

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 07:00:31

Indian Otaku Tube, Hey! Thank you so much for reading and loving the story! :3
I really try to update as often as I can :)
Keep up on the updates ;3

Chris Evan
04.11.2020, 19:16:44

great book❤️❤️

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 06:58:10

Chris Evan, Thank you!

Ayede Wuese Winifred
04.11.2020, 14:46:39

cant wait for the next chapter
so much love this book

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 06:57:52

Ayede Wuese Winifred, Thank you for your comment! Keep up on updates, I try to post new chapters as often as I can :)

Ada Edith
03.11.2020, 15:00:56


Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 06:56:07

Ada Edith, Thank you for your attention! :3

Ada Edith
03.11.2020, 15:00:01

Wow interesting

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 09:38:59

Ada Edith, Thank you ❤

03.11.2020, 13:09:50

1nice work loved it so much

12.11.2020, 08:46:19

Catherine Vostroff, welcome pliz update me when the next chapter comes

Onyinye Madeleine obi
02.11.2020, 09:39:04

I love it. thanks for daily updates

Catherine Vostroff
02.11.2020, 20:20:45

Onyinye Madeleine obi, Huge thanks for your words!

Ann ose
29.10.2020, 14:53:19

Stupid guy

Catherine Vostroff
02.11.2020, 20:20:11

Osemwengie Ann, Which one of them? :)

Alejandra Muyco
24.10.2020, 14:44:44

Love the story more update

Catherine Vostroff
02.11.2020, 08:00:24

Alejandra Muyco, Thank you for liking it! ))

P Girl
21.10.2020, 23:45:54

is this how it ended or does it have a next part. I really y want to read it, if u have written it can u please tell me the title I really love your books

Catherine Vostroff
23.10.2020, 18:47:41

Wuzor Stanley, Thank you very much, but the book is still being written. I try to post new pieces as often as possible.

Casper Stan
17.10.2020, 15:49:17

This is really awesome. I'm intrigued. Good work

Catherine Vostroff
23.10.2020, 09:34:45

Casper Dorcas, Huge thanks for your words!

P Girl
21.10.2020, 22:56:16

its so interesting but there is no chapter eight and I would like to read it

Catherine Vostroff
22.10.2020, 17:43:31

Wuzor Stanley, Hi! Chapter eight is posted, perhaps you need to update the page? Bcs I don't understand why you can't see it :(

Silvia Liam
14.10.2020, 08:59:04

Oh, my god!))) Love your story! Great!))))

Catherine Vostroff
14.10.2020, 09:18:08

Silvia Liam, Thank you ❤

Julius Glory Haryoolar
13.10.2020, 19:53:43

Hey babe I love this book but I'm sad u haven't finished it please do complete it on time i'm dying to finish it

Catherine Vostroff
14.10.2020, 09:17:45

Julius Glory Haryoolar, Thank you so much, the book will definitely be finished, but it will take some time :))) Thank you for your support, I will try to add chapters as often as possible :)

10.10.2020, 08:49:13

heyyy!!! please complete the book fast...i am looking forward to read the whole book and thnks for such a nice book...GOOD LUCK

Catherine Vostroff
12.10.2020, 01:42:15

Manjot Kaur, Thanks for writing a comment, i’m glad you liked the book!

Ofelia Arboleda
06.10.2020, 04:56:14

I love the book its thrilling

Catherine Vostroff
07.10.2020, 22:34:03

Ofelia Arboleda, Thank you for liking it! ❤

04.10.2020, 15:21:43

I love it❤❤❤❤❤❤ lots of hugs and kisses for you :) keep writing ❤

Catherine Vostroff
05.10.2020, 00:21:00

Moanaro, Hi! Thank you so much for loving my book! I hope you will enjoy next chapters as well!❤
Lots of kisses and hugs back to you! ❤❤

Rashmi Sanger
30.09.2020, 16:31:16

good start

Catherine Vostroff
30.09.2020, 20:31:15

Rashmi Sanger, Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it!

Tabitha Mutashi
29.09.2020, 20:30:28


Catherine Vostroff
29.09.2020, 21:59:54

Tabitha Mutashi, Thank you! Have a great day!

Paola Yankovskaya
29.09.2020, 20:59:15

Love the story! Very entertaining :)
Hope to see next chap soon

Catherine Vostroff
29.09.2020, 22:29:09

Paola Yankovskaya, Thank you so much for your support! The new chapter is gonna be out very soon! :)

Kimora joseph
29.09.2020, 18:44:40

it suppose to be a candle if its the candle you need to describe it what was the name yes i know alot but so far i spotted lots of mistakes ill give everyone a chance to shoutout the rest of mistakes

Catherine Vostroff
29.09.2020, 22:29:19

Kimora joseph, Hello! Thank you for your attention to my book! It would be very nice of you if you specify the mistakes that you consider was made. It will help a lot with further chapters! I'm open minded for justified criticism.
Have a great day!

Rina Skikh
25.09.2020, 16:10:49

Story is amazing! Thanks :)

Catherine Vostroff
29.09.2020, 22:31:45

Rina Skikh, thanks :) I'm glad)

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