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Collided By Destiny


Story about:romance and suspence scene, family and trust, first sight

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#9 in Romantic mystery
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Ongoing: 10 Aug 43 pages

Publication: 25.07.2020 — ...

Description of book "Collided By Destiny"

Suddenly he backs, preventing the continuation of the kiss. I am unsatisfied.
Why he has to back up???
I want it more as it is half and we are not even Breathless.
But the sensation on my lips are still like the same but the cooling air makes me aware that he backs.
He rests his forehead on mine and sighs sadly.
"We shouldn't do this!!!" He mutters under his breath.
I apart from his forehead and look into his eyes with a question mark look.
"Why..." I ask curiously.
"Dylan!!! What about him? Are not you going to marry him?"
'Shit. I am totally out of my mind...' I curse in my mind and flat my feet, backing to my height.
He is right, I am going to marry Dylan, sooner or later. It is fixed I think.

Evelyn Peyton, who doesn't know how her life flips upside down, by a certainty; by Destiny...

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