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Book. "Dear stephdaddy" read online

Dear stephdaddy

Marjory Bloom

Series: The Daddy series.

Story about:age gab, forbidden love stephfather, strong desires

Age restriction: 18+

178 8256

#331 in Billionaires
#178 in Romantic erotica

Complete 33 pages

Publication: 13.09.2022 — 15.09.2022

Description of book "Dear stephdaddy"

My mother remarried but as i would find out along the way it was out of convenience and not out of love....from her side aniways....

My stepfather was a dashing incredible sexy older man with his own desires.....
My mother was so blind and didn't see how unhappy my stepfather became in the marriage till the point of almost giving up....

But i wasn't blind! I saw it all! He tried, he really did but she was so stupid to see that goreaous loving and caring man in front of her who was slowly dying inside, starved of affection and love from her!
So that's when i decided to step fill that gab in his heart.....
And that's how it all started......we fall in love...


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Jennifer Zeigler
04.01.2023, 17:49:19

Lovely story! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story

Marjory Bloom
04.01.2023, 18:11:34

Jennifer Zeigler, Hi Jennifer!
Thanks so much for giving my story a chance!
glad you liked it!

gratus sum
24.12.2022, 10:38:06

Such a sweet and beautiful story.
Completed in one sitting.

Marjory Bloom
24.12.2022, 09:40:02

gratus sum, Thanks dear! glad you liked it!

13.09.2022, 13:01:57

gimme a chapter please author~

Marjory Bloom
13.09.2022, 13:09:06

Jase, bussy on that dear reader;)

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