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Ongoing: 14 Apr 35 pages

Publication: 08.04.2021 — ...

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A lone wolf never survives but I have paid the price to be alive. With my blood, guilt but no regret.

As the year descended by, the deep ache inside me flared into burning agony, calling us to our home, almost bringing me to the brink of losing my sanity.

One thing was apparent. I had to return to my pack. But how could I when my brother is prowling to have a taste of my blood? To seek revenge for her deceased mate.

Then I find what I have been looking for without even searching for it. My redemption. Maia

I have mastered this dangerous game of hide and seek for years, now the time has come to put an end to it. To come out and play

But I don’t realise when I have entangled myself in my own game of desire and redemption and now the game has changed its course and I am on the losing end

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