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Book. "Dusk and Ash (in Progress)" read online

Dusk and Ash (in Progress)

David Rauenzahn

Story about:fantasy, gods, grimdark

11 750

#652 in Dark fantasy
#229 in Action fantasy

On Hold: 29 Apr 104 pages

Publication: 25.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "Dusk and Ash (in Progress)"

Walking the line between grimdark and epic fantasy, this story follows a mercenary named Durmhain, who is pledged to the honor god Akreus. The land has been ravaged by a generations-long war between Elmiar and Nithia, a conflict which has extended out into the world and threatens to engulf the world in carnage. Caught during a covert operation intended to prevent the further possibility of war, Durmhain is thrown in jail and tortured into revealing the location of his benefactors, the Elmiari. Bound by honor, he must escape and warn the Elmiari that war is imminent. But to do so, he must ally himself with that which the Nithians draw their power from, and must sacrifice more than his life to see a broken oath fulfilled.


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